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Peshtemal is a flat-woven fabric that originated almost 600 years ago in Mediterranean/Anatolian civilisations. The essential ingredient of the Peshtemal is the Turkish cotton grown on the rich soil in south of Turkey nearby the sunny Mediterranean shore.


Peshtemal is up to 4 times lighter and can soak water as much as a regular terry towel. Pestemal towel dries in no time and gets softer with every wash, thanks to the unique knitting technique and 100% natural cotton. Pestemal serves as a bath towel, beach towel, sarong, shawl or even as a tablecloth and it doesn't take up undue space in your drawer, it rolls up nicely making it perfect to carry to the beach, to the park or the gym.


Our large pestemals sized 40” x 72” with decorative fringe details on the edges are colored in bold, vivid and energetic colors woven in unique color combinations and patterns. All products are produced with Traditional and Jacquard weaving techniques using strictly OEKO TEX certified yarns, natural dyes and each piece is hand loomed for the best quality.

CHEVRON 100% Jacquard Turkish Cotton Pestemal Bath-Gym-Beach Towel

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